Well, I’ve gone & done it. I finally got around to sorting through the boxes of old models, templates & rule books. Purposefully leaving the orks until the end as I figured I’d never get it all organised if I started with them. Little did I realise how many models I forgot I had hidden away in boxes, it was quite the stroll down memory lane. Like finding the “walking eggs”, the oop I.G. sentinels that I ordered from the UK.


What’s even more surprising is how much interest there was in the old models. Shortly after posting an ad, I was inundated with questions about the WHFB chaos dwarves I was selling.  Who knew they’d be collectables some day…

I digress though, although there is a point to this rambling as I’ve got a question at the end for anyone that cares to chip in…

Eventually I got through all the randomly mixed chaos that’s developed over the years. As well as a couple mice nests and an impressive amount of their poo. Fun fact, apparently mice will eat plastic figurines if they get hungry enough, but only unprimed ones.  Picky little gits. After many hours and innumerable trips to wash my hands, I indulged in pulling out the boys.

Surprisingly most were in better shape then I expected. A couple lost their heads, one poor lad divided at the waist, but nothing a bit of loving/glue can’t fix. Although a couple of grots do seem to have gone to ground, sneaky buggers were no where to be found.  The worst for wear was ” da Voice ov Gork”, eventually I found the ork loader for the mortar, missing both a hand & an arm. A number of shields have been lost, the ammo loading contraption is missing its sling and needs a couple of other parts glued back on. That’ll be another post though… Possibly a couple depending how much work it is to clean & rebuild it.

As for this post, I thought I’d share some pics of my warboss, Ghazghak Urkog, slightly beaten up but in decent enough shape to show.


Missing from the pic are his boss pole & a couple heads taken as trophies from his fallen foes.  These will be reattached shortly, I’ll post another pic once he’s rebuilt, before doing any tweaks.  He was a fairly simple conversion, although looking at it now there’s a couple things I’m not quite happy with.  Specifically the joint between his power saw & arm, the level of detail on his custom slugga and a couple of tweaks on the painting. Oh, the mice chewed base should probably be replaced as well.  That’ll be in a later post though.  For now I’m off to play around with building a new head for a boar. Somehow two heads disappeared from the Snakebite boarboyz, although luckily the cyboar head was still there.  It’s the perfect excuse to get back into hacking bits together, one of the many joys of playing orks.

Thanks for reading my over excited ramblings, next post will be a bit more focused looking at either fixing up Ghazgak or converting a cyboar’s head.

Finally the question, I’ve been pondering using the walking eggs as the base for making some killa kans.  Not just any killa kans though, grot killa kans. I figured no proper snakebite would be caught dead in such a sophisticated machine, can’t trust those mekaniaks as far as ya can throw ’em. Grots on the other hand seem like a good fit, only way to keep from getting thumped by the ladz.  Plus it would add some much needed firepower & punch to an otherwise all mob army.  What do you think?


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The inaugural post, what better way then to define “orkness” in my eyes.  I learned the game back in the 2nd addition, with some exposure to rogue traders/space hulk/tyranid attack. Back when orks where orks, unreliable and random.  There was nothing quite as fun as wondering what was going to happen, or as challenging as having to deal with things going awry.  Which is where the boyz came in, giant hordes of grunts that could soak up the damage while dishing out just as much.  Which is what orks will always be too me, massive mobs of lads clamoring to crush their foes in an unstoppable wave.  When I built this army, way back in the 3rd edition, I was inspired by a couple things.  First was the release of their codex along with the (now highly dated) new resin kits as they were affordable and looked excellent. The second factor was the preponderance of power players in tournaments using blood angels assault armies.  After reading through the codex I had visions of marines slamming into a wall of ork flesh, then being ripped apart in retaliation.

So the Skull ‘Untas were born, a snakebite themed army of true orkish simplicity.  Essentially composed of 60 grots, 100+ boys, a half dozen boar riders and some supporting artillery, if nothing else the sheer bulk is intimidating. Most figures are customised to some level, the grots and boys were made from mixing the 40k/fantasy boxed sets. Ghazgak Urkog, the warboss, was hobbled together from an ogryn, mixed bits and sculpted pieces. The center piece is “the voice ov Mork”, a looted gryphon tank with a shell loading rack, gunner and other scratch built modifications.  Once I’ve dug them out, dusted them off and cleaned them up, I’ll be sure to snap some shots.  The hard part will be figuring out whether its still usable under the new edition….